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since: 2022

From Surviving to Thriving: A student’s guide to feeling and doing well at university

This practical, hands-on book will help you understand, experience and put into practice skills and strategies to improve and sustain your wellbeing so that you can thrive throughout your time at university. With enough scientific theory and knowledge for you to understand why it works, our focus is on practical activities that will make a difference in your life.

Edited and authored by practising university teachers of the science of wellbeing, this textbook is essential reading for any student, whether you are studying positive psychology or just navigating university life. Each chapter explores a key area of positive psychology and provides activities to enhance your wellbeing and contribute to that of other people. Covering topics from identifying your strengths to mindfulness, and from dealing with adversity to the importance of play, this book will help you move from surviving to thriving at university.

Christian van Nieuwerburgh is Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology at the Centre for Positive Psychology and Health at the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, and Global Director of Growth Coaching International.

Paige Williams is an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Positive Psychology and an Associate of Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne.

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since: 2022

Positive Health: 100+ Research-based Positive Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine Tools to Enhance Your Wellbeing

This comprehensive compendium offers a wealth of research-informed tools that can boost both physical and mental wellbeing throughout the lifespan. Filled with more than 100 activities to help you live life better, this book is the first of its kind to integrate the latest research from the fields of positive psychology and lifestyle medicine.

Striking a careful balance between theory and practice, the book first reviews what is known about positive psychology and health, presenting a novel approach to holistic wellbeing. It then goes on to provide more than 100 tools designed to increase physical, mental and social health and wellbeing, and also to decrease the risk of illness and disease. The tools described can be used by people of all ages, whether well or experiencing illness. It includes tools that you can use to improve your nutrition and sleep, to increase your physical activity, to develop positive relationships, to develop a positive mindset and to pursue a meaning in life. These tools provide research-informed, practical advice to help you to make lasting changes and become the best possible version of yourself.

This book is invaluable for anyone who wishes to maintain and enhance their health and wellbeing using tools that have been shown through research to be effective. It is also a key text for students in positive psychology and healthcare, as well serving as an evidence-based reference book for coaches and health professionals who wish to recommend research-informed tools to their clients and patients

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since: 2021

An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide

This is one of the best-selling coaching skills books on the market. It is used across many coaching courses and is an invaluable resource for novice and trainee coaches. Its accessible, step-by-step style acquaints you with the key skills needed to become a successful coach. It takes you from the “how to”, through to practicalities and challenges, and beyond to the continued development of your skills.

There is even more packed into the new edition, with:

  • over 70 videos of real coaching; including two full length sessions for you to engage with
  • a closer look at coaching processes and models to support your understanding
  • new activities (including templates to download) to try with clients
  • stories from practice to give context to the skills being discussed.

A world-wide success, this is a stimulating, inspiring and hugely practical book that you’ll come back to time and time again.

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since: 2019

Advanced Coaching Practice: Inspiring Change in Others

There are many books about coaching. Few are written by people who have actually mastered both the art and science of coaching. Even fewer go beyond the written page to actually show you video examples of the craft of coaching in action. By presenting the richness of coaching – with all its complexity and sophistication – in a clear and unambiguous fashion, this book will stimulate, provoke and expand your understanding and skills. It raises the bar for coaching texts. A genuine “must have” for both the novice and experienced coach.

— Professor Anthony M Grant

Advanced Coaching Practice is an essential read for experienced coaches looking to develop their practice to the next level. The authors effectively combine relevant psychological theories and their own insights developed over many years as executive coaches.

— Professor Jonathan Passmore

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since: 2018

The Leader′s Guide to Coaching in Schools: Creating Conditions for Effective Learning

This book is specifically about the use of coaching by leaders in educational settings. Help your staff get “unstuck” no matter what challenges they are facing through solutions-focused coaching techniques that help them envision desired outcomes and the actions needed to achieve them.

Through video examples and tools, this step-by-step guide shows you how to:

  • Introduce a coaching approach into a wide range of conversational contexts
  • Use the GROWTH coaching conversation framework to improve both staff and student success and well-being
  • Use coaching approaches in areas that school leaders typically find challenging: in formal performance reviews, when giving informal feedback, and when working with teams.

From the Back Cover

Structured around three points of focus – experience, practice and reflection – this highly practical book, provides the knowledge and confidence needed to become a skilled coach practitioner.
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since: 2018

Coaching in Islamic Culture: The Principles and Practice of Ershad (Professional Coaching)

This book is the result of a collaboration between two authors who share a passion and commitment for coaching. Its aim is to enthuse readers and provide guidance about the appropriate use of coaching within Islamic culture.

The intention is to provide a culturally relevant coaching framework for use in Islamic context, which allows Muslims to develop in ways that are aligned with their faith and traditions.  The complete coaching framework presented here is called Ershad.

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since: 2016

Coaching in Professional Contexts

Have your students mastered the underlining theory and skills of coaching practice but wanting to get a flavour of what coaching actually looks like in different real-life settings? 

Then you have come to the right place! Whether they are wanting to find out more about the use of coaching within the private or public sector, within health care or education, Christian van Nieuwerburgh and his team of expert authors will take them on a unique journey into all of these coaching contexts and beyond.

Challenging the idea that a coach can work in any setting without a detailed understanding of the field, this book:

  • addresses the importance of understanding professional context when coaching, exploring current debates and considering the hows and whys of using coaching in a certain context
  • provides tools and knowledge to enable readers to adopt best practice techniques from a range of fields
  • delves into the personal and professional challenges that will inevitably arise.

Whether a practising coach or a coach in training, this practical guide will provide your students with the ideal ′way-in′ to all the different contexts in which they may wish to coach.

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since: 2016

Coaching Educativo

This is a Spanish language text about the use of coaching in educational settings. Coaching Educativo is an essential book for educators and coaches interested in building a powerful and meaningful coaching culture in institutions and other organizations that foster and enable learning.

Through research-proven strategies, the book offers a practical and rigorous guide for any professional interested in discovering the power of conversations as tools to transform education. The work is the result of many hours of reflection and dialogue on the theory and practice of coaching in which the authors co-construct a text that collects the observations and learning that have taken place over many years of experience as teachers and as coaches.

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since: 2012

Coaching in Education

Getting Better Results for Students, Educators and Parents is a seminal text that will support educational organisations in learning more about the use of coaching in schools, colleges and universities.


With chapters on coaching in primary (elementary) schools and secondary (high) schools, with students, staff and parents, this book provides a sound basis for introducing coaching into any educational setting. This book brings together national and international academic research with real case studies and a focus on practice that makes a difference for learners.

Starting with a review of the existing literature and research into the area of coaching in education, the book goes on to consider the role of coaching educational leaders, coaching within the primary school setting and then secondary school settings. The notion of “mental toughness” and its relationship to coaching is also explored. The US and Australian perspectives on coaching in education are discussed in two chapters written by leading experts – instructional coaching in the US and the integration of positive and coaching psychology in Australia.

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