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About Me

Coachonamotorcycle is a passion project that brings together my enthusiasm for living a full life and commitment to supporting others to learn, grow and develop in positive ways. My name is Christian van Nieuwerburgh and I’ve enjoyed an interesting and varied professional life. I am an executive coach, educational consultant and academic. My intention is to share research-informed insights, ideas and practical strategies that people can use to live their best lives.

Brittany Michael-Singh Rehal

Creative & Communi­cations Associate

My professional background is in education, positive psychology coaching and educator flourishing.

In addition to supporting educators, I love holding and co-creating spaces for people to share experiences, build community and celebrate our unique contributions to making our world a better place for all. I believe gatherings can be sacred and transformative spaces when we humanise how we show up.

While Christian embodies being the coach on a motorcycle, I embody being the coach in the air! I coach aerialists and integrate positive psychology coaching with aerial dance to combine and share two of my superpowers.

Visiting amazing places

Here, I’m in Los Gigantes on the beautiful island of Tenerife. It is now my second home.

Inspiring people to live their best lives

Here, I’m presenting a keynote address about the importance of the wellbeing of educators.

Riding on my motorcycle

Here, I’m enjoying a day out with other bikers in the Canary Islands.

Writing and editing books

Here, I’m celebrating the publication of one of my favourite books.

Contact Me

The things I love doing most are facilitating learning opportunities, supporting people to become coaches, travelling to new places and riding my motorcycle. I most often work with leaders, educators, learners and coaches.

If you would like to get in touch with me to discuss any ideas, please use the form.

My Planner 2024
January 2024
  • Writing retreat
February 2024
  • Centre for Positive Health Sciences
Dublin & Riyadh
April 2024
  • Centre for Positive Health Sciences
  • Coach Training for Leaders
Tenerife / Zurich / Atlanta
May 2024
  • Coaching retreat
  • Corporate Athlete Workshop
  • Coaching Workshop for Educators
June 2024
  • Route 66
Wellington / Innsbruck / Dublin
July 2024
  • Festival of Education
  • European Conference on Positive Psychology
  • Centre for Positive Health Sciences
Sydney / Melbourne / Auckland
August 2024
  • Coaching in Education Workshops and Conference
September 2024
  • Centre for Positive Health Sciences
Dublin / Miami / New Orleans
October 2024
  • Centre for Positive Health Sciences
  • Women’s Leadership Conference
  • TLC Conference
November 2024
  • Centre for Positive Health Sciences
December 2024
  • Centre for Positive Health Sciences